Neighborhoods and Community Committee Focus:

This key action committee is addressing whether young people are growing up in neighborhoods and a community where they feel supported, valued and included. The committee will explore each neighborhood's "sense of community" and how youth-friendly they are. The committee will also explore how open the town is to viewing its young people as resources rather than only recipients of services. The committee started with the question: "What single recommendation will have the greatest impact on ensuring that the town and its neighborhoods are places that children, youth and families are proud to call home?"

Committee Recommendation: "A vibrant, safe community built and connected by thriving neighborhoods."

Facilitator: Mark Pellegrini
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Meeting times & locations
April 9 and April 23
6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Second floor meeting room at the Fire department headquarters, Center Street

Meeting Agenda

Connections Worksheet, February 24, 2009

Meeting Minutes
December 17, 2008
February 3, 2009
February 24, 2009
March 26, 2009